Loro Piana’s Storm System Jacket

Our latest outerwear arrival features the Loro Piana Storm System, a unique 100% wool fabric that could almost be mistaken for nylon found in a lot of raincoats. Instead, this coat breathes better and still provides the protection from wind and rain from the elements. 

Featuring four button-down flap front pockets and hidden side pockets, this jacket wears slightly slim and can be tapered at the waist with a draw-string waist on the inside. 

We’ve paired it with another new arrival: our J. Lawrence butterscotch canvas trousers. These have a rich golden hue and a texture that’s tougher, but still wears comfortably. With a button-down plaid shirt from Luciano Barbera and a linen-cotton 1/4-zip sweater from Brioni, you can layer up or down as the temperature changes. 

For footwear, our double-strap chukka boot from Di Bianco in a burnished brown calf looks sleek, but is rugged enough to wear with the canvas trousers.